The Venice Carnival, opening February 16, 2019

These are my pictures of the carnivale from 2017.  I can hardly believe that I never got around to posting them.  It was a wild, exuberant experience I will never forget.

Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s event:

And now, finally, 2 years late, my photos:



I was in Venice in 2017 for the water parade. Amazing floats skimmed along the Rio di Cannaregio waterways. It was quite a spectacle.  I managed to get a bird’s eye view in the 2nd floor home of a perfect stranger, a delightful Venetian man and his wife!  All of these images were shot from their window.






As I left, I got a couple of shots of the delightful Venetian man who shared his window with me and a woman from Russia who went with me to Venice.




The Russian woman (we were classmates in Italian language school in Florence) wanted to buy an elaborate mask and she did!



The wigs available in Venice at this time of year are astounding.



And the costumes, oh my Lord!




Santa Maria della Salute, possibly the world’s most beautiful church and location.










Randomly keeping up in Paris

Just trying to keep up with posting all the amazing things I’m seeing here in Paris!






While most of us are familiar with the iconic Parisian art nouveau metro appearance, like this:



A more modern take is this:




Very cool, no?


What movie are the French going to see?  Just like the rest of the world, they want to see the film about the life of Freddie Mercury and Queen:



Parisian architecture is still fabulous:





And walking not far from the opera, I noticed this inscription on a plaque:


In English the inscription reads: “here fell for the liberation Guillois Michel Peacekeeper 20 August 1944”.

Knowing only that the Liberation of Paris took place between August 19-25, 1944, I searched Google for info on this patriot.  You can read about him and the liberation here:


Wherever in the world I am lucky enough to travel, I am always entertained by the fact that there will be references in that place to other places.  How many people would love to be in Paris?  Millions I am sure!  But here in Paris, an exhibition is devoted to Venice! When in Venice, there will be references to other places as well.  It goes on and on, ever thus!



And no matter how many illustrious persons lived in France throughout history, what entertains the French now, apparently, is a look back at Michael Jackson!!  An exhibition about Michael Jackson at the Grand Palais!  Never thought I’d live to see the day…




Anyone reading this post in December of 2018 will know that Paris has been in turmoil with the protests of the so-called gilets jaunes, and as a matter of fact I thought about canceling my long-planned trip to this city because the news coming out of Paris was so dire.  Paris has calmed down the past week or so and I was amused in front of Notre Dame to see that the French gendarmes are a lot like the Italian carabinieri, they tend to congregate to chat and check their cells.  I doubt that was what authorities intended.


Did you know? Venezia

Sometimes I pick up the best information in the most off-hand ways.  When I had a guided tour through the Alinari archives in Florence, I was shown this image dating to 1874 or earlier in Venice.


Look carefully at that gondola.  According to my guide, gondolas were enclosed back in the day.  Much more private than today, when anyone can see anybody in any gondola.

I would have liked to be in the olden days (but I am happy we have antibiotics now!).