Sforzesco Castle, Milan

Wow. Just wow.  I don’t know why I never paid a visit to this astounding place before now!






































































And, last, but certainly not least, you don’t see a lot of elephants in Italian art, but here is a big exception to the rule.


For posterity, a marker in Florence

One of the millions of things I love about Italy is:  they never miss an opportunity to mark something for posterity.  No matter how modest the contribution.

Case in point, a stone’s throw from my home on the north end of Florence is an underground parking lot in a neighborhood known as the “Parterre.”  It serves a vital function of providing parking for some of the thousands of cars that cannot enter historic Florence on any given day, because the historic center is designated a pedestrian area and does not allow entry for unauthorized vehicles.

The above-ground section marking the Parterre is nothing much to brag about:


But, nevertheless, the city’s leaders wanted credit given to the masterminds behind the underground parking, and to this end they installed a very grand-sounding plaque with inscriptions lauding them all.



Street art, poetry on the vie of Florence

Graffiti is an unending spectacle on the walls of the streets in Florence.  Then there is Clet and all the other recognizable signmakers and graffiti artists who “decorate” our streets here.

While these things are to be seen all over many urban landscapes, one thing I see here often that I’ve never seen anywhere else is the literal postings of newly minted poetry.  See here: