In this episode of the quite good PBS series “Dream of Italy,” you will shop in food markets, cook with a professional, admire some of Rome’s many architectural masterpieces, learn to create mosaics, appreciate gelato, meet a renowned street artist and dance in a quadrille.  Whew, that’s a lot! But it’s an enjoyable video.

Yikes! Snow in Rome?!

Temperatures are set to plummet with the risk of several centimetres of snow in Rome on the night between Sunday 25 February and Monday 26 February.



The same cold front from Russia (with love?) will smack down the U.K.  It even has a name: the east beast!

Italy’s immense appeal

I often think Italy is too popular for her own good.  When I pass through the piazza del Duomo in the middle of the day, on a nice day I can barely move through from the sheer numbers of tourists.  The trash trucks and street washers (a type of vehicle) travel up and down the streets all of time, picking up after the people.

On the flip side, Italy reacts in general to the immense tourist population by constantly opening new sites to appeal to them.  As someone who has visited Italy a lot over the past 30 years, I am constantly amazed when I learn new archaeological sites, for example, are newly available to be visited.  As below.