The Christmas season in Florence



It’s here! The city is geared up for Christmas.


The tree was placed, awaiting the lights.  It was lit up on the evening of 8 December.

And, later:






The fancy stores and hotels have lovely decorations:





I feel like the creche scene at San Lorenzo is always a bit sad.





I love the way the statue of justice is reflected on the wall to the left:


I like the simple, natural decorations the best. Below this church uses garlands of evergreens and citrus:




A local charity had a bazaar the other weekend and I spotted this Santa Claus there.  Can you tell that Santa Claus is not a natural part of the Italian holiday of Natale?  I think it is obvious. There were some kids around, but no one wanted to sit on his lap!






The extreme November rains

Italy has been getting drenched. Venice is underwater. Florence is soaked and the city’s 2 rivers show the extent. These pictures were all taken this afternoon.

UPDATE: 20 November:

First, the torrente Mugnone, which is the little river that runs in front of my apartment.  Most of the time it resembles a creek more than a river. But not now!  It is higher and running faster than I have ever seen it.




And then there is the Arno!  It is very full and moving swiftly. Standing on the Santa Trinita Bridge today, it felt eerie: it makes you think of the 1966 flood.





















UPDATE on 18 November: