Wisteria season!

I’m in love with wisteria and I always have been.  We are having a late spring here in Florence; last year the wisteria had already bloomed and withered by this time.  But this year the vine is just coming into its glory!  Just look!


The story the pictures don’t tell is that the sky was blue, the breeze was warm, the birds were singing and the sweet scent of wisteria was wafting.


Early spring blossoms

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy some lively blooms on my terrace recently.  Four large containers hold these Tuscan succulents, which are attractive all year long.


I am calling this pretty, hardworking plant an “Easter cactus” since, like the succulent known as the “Christmas cactus” blooms around December 25 each year, this hardy plant blooms each spring.



So pretty!  It grows both upright and with suspended trails of stems, leaves and blossoms.