Laureato: graduating from university in Italy

When you graduate from college in Italy, you are laureate.  An Italian custom I find completely charming is the habit of the graduate wearing a laurel wreath to mark the occasion.


Today I spotted this happy fellow, who clearly just graduated.  I followed him for a few steps:



And then I asked him to pose for a picture.  Unfortunately, I caught him in an awkward pose, because he is a very handsome young man!



It’s a girl!

Here’s how you announce the birth of a child in Italy.  Pink for a girl, ovviamente, and blue for a boy.



Translation of the handwritten notice: “Children know things that the major part of humanity has forgotten.”  A lovely sentiment, indeed.



Benvenuta, Giulia!  Welcome to the world.  Lucky you, to be born in Florence!

All babies are welcomed into Italy because the country has one of the lowest birthrates in the world!