Milan, random beauty shots, December 2019

I got to enjoy a few days in Milan this week and here are some random pictures of things that caught my eye.  Some are just fun, some are quite lovely!


Milan has a lot of stunning architecture:




Italy has an endless kaleidoscope of decorative iron work:


I was happy to learn that Santa really exists!










Aww….Merry Christmas!




Hello, Leo!  Everyone is celebrating the 500th anniversary of your death this year! Gone but not forgotten.


In Milan, college graduates wear the corona too. Auguri, young scholar!



Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, you are ever so lovely:






My vote for prettiest antique bakery goes to Pasticceria Marchesi, founded in 1824. I love anything from this shop (and I think there is a little something something from here under my tree at home?).





Piazza del Duomo:




Other places:





T’is the season:




From the grand train station, one of the most impressive in the world:

Christmas time in Milan

On a recent trip to Milan to visit some museums (I avoid them during the high season, as I like to enjoy my art without crowds), I enjoyed many random bits of holiday time throughout the city.

Milan is apparently planning on having a super Christmas this year:



I enjoyed the following billboard that reassures us that Father Christmas is real (at least if you have an iPhone 11 with Iliad):






The famous pastry shop, Marchesi, founded in 1824,  has wonderful windows:







The Marchesi building is a quaint affair on a major thoroughfare.



Scenes like the one below are fun to spot throughout the city:



And the warm glow from an old-style paper store on a cold winter evening is a lovely sight:


I visit a lot of churches (looking for art), and while most have a creche scene, very few are decorated like this one in Milan.  It is Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church attached to the convent rectory with that famous scene of a last supper….


And, on the train ride home from Milan, I saw snow! The first I’ve seen this year!