Remembering the good old days, when we could visit the basilica of Santa Maria Novella (i.e. pre-Covid)

On certain days of the year, when we aren’t dealing with Covid, Santa Maria Novella moves some of the Baroque framed paintings away from the nave walls to reveal, for a day, the quattrocentro frescoes which lie beneath. I was fortunate enough to be there one day last August and here are the amazing things I saw. It was wonderful!

Keeping healthy under lockdown

If the sun is out, I am going out for a walk. You can arrest me, but I don’t think you will. I carry my document with all my particulars.

I learned the hard way in the spring lockdown that it isn’t good for my general well being to stay inside my apartment for days, let alone weeks, on end.

So, here’s yesterday beautiful walk in the hills behind my borgo.

La Chiesa di San Martino. Such a pretty little church. And, as you can see from the sign below, associate with the Montughi family.
A simple metal gate, with signs of wear and tear.
Il Portico, with mail slot below
A pretty metal gate, leading to a spectacular hidden garden
The service entrance for Villa Montughi

After walks like these, I always ask myself, how could I ever be happy living in the USA again?