Florence today! Jan. 24, 2021. My visit to the newly reopened Santa Maria Novella

The Crucifixion by Giotto
There is a permanent creche in a chapel in Santa Maria Novella, in addition to the annual creche at the entrance of the basilica.
A detail of the permanent creche.
Aquasantiera, the name for the holy water stoup found in all Catholic churches. The one in Santa Maria Novella was made in France in 1412, according to this label.

Another holy water stoup in Santa Maria Novella.

I love the high altar at Santa Maria Novella, with a replica of the duomo dome.
Info about the high altar
Info about the high altar

Looking towards the entrance wall of the basilica, from the high altar. I was the only person in the basilica!

My favorite gift: Garofano by Farmacia Antica Münstermann, Florence

With the gift giving season behind us now, I realize that my favorite gift of all was this carnation scented aqua profumata and latte idratante from Farmacia Antica Münstermann in Florence! I love them so!

I’ve loved the scent of carnation since I was a child. For years, I avidly followed the brands of Roger & Gallet for their carnation-scented soap with its distinctive nutmeg color. I also liked the British brand, Floris, for their spicy scented carnation fragrances. Both companies have sadly discontinued this scent. I imagine the fragrance is probably too old-fashioned for today’s clientele. The old-fashionedness of it is partly why I love it.

Happily, I discovered that Farmacia Antica Münstermann in Florence still confects many classic and simple fragrances. I was fortunate to receive this bottle of scent and lotion and am happily applying both during this rainy, dark season. It lifts my spirits every time!

In Italian, carnation is garofano.

Best of all, you can order their products from anywhere, and they will ship to you!

All around Florence on January 22, 2021

Stores and museums are open again! It feels like civilization again! Hallelujah! Will it last? I hope so!

I enjoyed walking around the city on Friday, and here are some things that caught my eye:

Is there a prettier shop in the world than that of Loretta Caponi in Florence? I don’t think so!

Over at the Palazzo Strozzi the neon signs are still shining!

And things look beautiful back at home in my apartment as well: