Paris, during the strikes, January 2020


This was the scene that greeted me on my arrival in Paris on Jan. 9, 2019.  The protest was civil, and as I noticed during the subsequent week, usually only got going during the late afternoon.  Very civilized, I thought.


Such a discouraging sight, all the metro gates closed.



It took a lot of this stuff to make it through the strikes, and I mean as a tourist, not a striker!




Well, some more than others!



And then suddenely, out of no where, with no advance notice, I found an open subway station.



You better believe I jumped on this train…I didn’t even really care where it was going to!





I think the graffiti on the monument in the Place de la République tells the strikers point-of-view: retraité de macron, or, in English, Retire Macron.

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