Combination washer/dryer: easily entertained

I recently posted about how easily entertained I can be.  Here’s another example: the combination washer/dryer.  I’m currently enjoying an extended visit in Paris and the apartment I rented is a masterpiece of space-saving techniques.  The washer/dryer is one of the many objects that serves double duty here.


As you can see in the photo below, any of the dial settings on the left side will produce a wash and a drying cycle.  If you choose a setting on the right side, you will simply get a washing cycle.



If you choose the setting of essorage at the bottom, you will get just spinning cycle.

So, you load the machine with the laundry, add the detergent, and select your cycle.  If you choose a washing and drying cycle, you need do nothing else. It will wash and then it will dry.

I’m still experimenting with this machine, and one load I did came out fairly dry.  Another load was barely dry at all. Right now I am running just the drying cycle and while I can’t see inside the glass front, it sure sounds to me like water is running.  Will my clothes come out wetter or dryer this time? Who knows!


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