Very easily entertained

I am both very easily entertained and very susceptible to boredom.  For me, they seem to be 2 sides of the same coin.

I get bored with the same old, same old, even if it is living in Florence Italy!  I need a jolt of excitement.

If I am lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Paris, then I am easily entertained.  The photos below will prove my thesis!


My first evening in Paris! Do you see what I see?  Sunshine!  I haven’t really seen it in a month in the wettest spring Italy has known.

I wander into a market to buy a few essentials for the apartment, and upon my hunt for cream, which is a staple product in most American and Italian markets, I discover that it ain’t so easy to spot in France.  I spend A LOT of time at the dairy cooler, surveying all of the products that could maybe be cream (there is a ton of crème fraîche, naturellement!), but I don’t like a soured cream in my morning cuppa. I eventually settle on this jug of Fleurette, which sounds to me more like a perfume than a milk product, but what do I know?  I like to experiment.  Verdict? I got lucky!  It’s a slightly sweet cream product that is great in tea or coffee!  Woo hoo! Hourra!




Then I noticed this canister of RICORE au Lait, and got a can to try.  Que se passe-t-il (what the hell).

Then we move into the universe of yogurt, which in France is an art form.  I settle on a couple of flavors, never having had citron yogurt before.  I know only that it will have some citrus flavor.


Citron yogurt is delicious.  It is not too sweet (like American yogurts) and with a lemon flavor decidedly improved with the zest of lemon.  It is lovely!


I’ll be back with more of the simple things that float my boat soon. Au revoir, mes amies!

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