Redecorating my Florence apartment

So, I’ve been in my current apartment for almost a year now.  I really like it, but decided to do a bit of redecorating and renovation.  Here I will share all of these changes.

First of all, I wanted to update my bedroom.  I got a new bed and a lot of new furniture.  I  had the whole ensemble covered with this blue silk.  What do you think?  Is it maybe a bit too elegant?  I want it to be.



Sometimes I think I may have gone a little too far, but other times I remind myself: YOLO.


Sleep is a wondrous thing and so I had the symbol of poppies incorporated into my new bed.  Is the gold leaf a little over the top?  I surely hope so!


Just a couple more snapshots of my bed.  I love it so much!



In the photo below you can see my new divan, covered in matching silk.  I must say, I need a couple of Murano lamps somewhere on that side of the room.  It tends to be a little dark, even in daytime.



I updated my bathroom and show you just a hint of it here.



I host a lot of get togethers and parties, and my guests are always asking for billiard tables, so I enlarged my game room and bought a couple of vintage tables, chandeliers, etc.  I was going for a men’s social club ambience.  Do you think I achieved it?  I think so.


I recently found this beautiful antique, which is an early sort of pinball table.  It fits nicely in my new room.


My first guests have had a hard time remembering where the bathrooms are, so I put in an “uscita” sign, which you see below.  I felt like “exit” was nicer to have in the room than “bathroom.”  Now, when people ask me where the bathrooms are, I just say, “follow the exit sign.”  So far it has worked pretty well. Sometimes the guests actually leave, which can also be a positive. :-)



So, that’s my new place.  I bought the chandelier below, but haven’t figured out where I want to place it yet.



Ha ha! Or, as Italians write: ahahaha!  April Fool’s!  The pictures are all from one of the Medici villas, the Villa La Pietra in Castello!  So far I am only a Medici heir in my imagination.





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