The Pitti Peacocks, a mockumentary

Following Epiphany every year in Florence, the Pitti Imagine Uomo festival happens.  This celebration of all things manly and fashionable is quite an event here and the fashionisti can be seen all over the city.  They are noticeable for their high style and gregarious attitudes!

This video is the most fun thing of all!

2 thoughts on “The Pitti Peacocks, a mockumentary

  1. Hi Lauretta. Looks like the guys are enjoying themselves. I am not clear, though, on what is meant by the peacock looking for a mate. It doesn’t seem like these fashionable men are looking to hook up with a woman. Rather, it appears to me that the “mate” is someone who will emulate their sensibility and reproduce the look. If I don’t have that right please correct me. Thanks!

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