Piazza Beccaria, Firenze, and the former Alhambra Theater

Here’s an aerial photo of Florence’s Piazza Beccaria, taken sometime between 1945 and 1980.

The photo can be dated because on the left we see the home of the G.I.L. (Gioventù Italiana Littorioand, on the other side of the avenue, the Alhambra theater.  Both structures were demolished in order to build the Archivio di Stati, constructed in 1980.



The Gioventù Italiana del Littorio (Italian Youth of the Lictor) was the consolidated youth movement of the National Fascist Party of Italy, established in 1937 to supervise and influence the minds of the young. The GIL was in particular established to counteract the influence of the Catholic church. You can read more about the organization and the building in Florence here:



The Teatro Alhambra was built in 1889 and demolished in 1961. Here are a couple of vintage photos of the theater:



Il famoso teatro, al suo posto ora c’è il palazzo del giornale La Nazione.



And here’s a program from the Alhambra:


ALHAMBRA. Programma. Lunedì 2 giugno 1890.

More on Alhambra theater here: http://www.chnt.at/wp-content/uploads/eBook_CHNT19_Bardi.pdf

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