Looking for a light-hearted movie set in drop-dead beautiful Italy?

That was exactly my goal recently, longing to go back, even just for a couple of hours, to a simpler time when better men were President of the USA and the world seemed full of possibilities.

That’s a lot to ask of a film, but I found one when I stumbled upon It Started in Naples. Starring Clark Gable and Sophia Loren, and set in gorgeous southern Italy, what could be better?


Gable is perfect for his role in the movie and Loren is, well, Loren.  Thanks to the advancement of women that has happened in the past 60 years, the silly woman Loren plays is a thing of the past.  I must admit I cringed a few times with the actions and words required for her part.





I am able to overlook those weaknesses for the chance to travel, vicariously, to Naples and environs.  The child actor steals the show, as does the scenery.


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