The world’s best yogurt? Penso di si.

This yogurt from the Palagiaccio food company is the best I’ve ever had.  Bar none.



It’s also hard to find; I can find it only in one store in all of Florence. The Sapori & Dintorni Conad market on Via de’ Bardi is where I’ve found it. There have to be other venders, trust me, I’m searching.




These lucky cows get to graze within view of Florence’s duomo!



Here’s my favorite product, strawberry yogurt like none other!



The packaging is simple and deceptive.  Luscious velvety yogurt is inside this plain jar.


Here’s info from the company’s website (

Today, as in the past, the historic Palagiaccio farm plays an important role as a reference for the agriculture of Florence and it maintains the continuity with the tradition of cattle breading and milk production.

The farm has an ample agricultural area where cereals and forage are tilled. Crops are assigned wholly for feeding the hundreds of cattle of the farm.

Agricultural activities are marked by the maximum respect for the environment and all of them are realized with the objective of a low environmental impact.

We do not use GMO for a clear choice of our company: our target is a food farming activity compatible with ecology.

For this reason we obtained the certification of Agriqualità Toscana, i.e a regional title that certifies the quality of our products.


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