It’s 8 a.m., do you know where your fruits are?

Or, at least where they’ve been?

One of the thousands of things I love about living in Italy is how seriously they take their food.  I have seen conversations in restaurants between customers and waitstaff about where the salami originated before the customer orders.  It is endlessly entertaining to me.


But, with every bit of packaged fruit that you buy here, you get a little tag like the one above, telling you where the fruit originated and other info. The variety of nectarine that I purchased this morning, I learn from this tag, is a variety called “Big Bang” in English.  (English is taking an evermore firm stand in Italy, which is both good and bad news.)

And best of all, the tag tells me the nectarines were grown in Italy.  Sometimes the tag even tells you what province in Italy.  I sometimes see foods like these originating in Spain (esp. for oranges) and even Egypt and Turkey.  Fun to think about.

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