Fiera Firenze, an exhibition space extraordinaire, inside a Medicean fortress

What does a city do with an historic fortress, when the idea of a fortress and its original capabilities are no longer needed/wanted?

Well, if it is Florence, you turn it into a modern asset–an exhibition/conference space like no other.

Known as Fiera Firenze, the Fortezza de Basso is now a leading exhibition centre in Tuscany located at the heart of the city, with 100,000 sq m, 65,000 of which are roofed. Among the venues constituting the exhibition area are The Fortezza da Basso, with its 55,000 sq m of covered area, Palazzo dei Congressi (with a congress capacity of around 1,500 seats and an auditorium for 1,000 guests) and Palazzo degli Affari, a modern and multifunctional venue of over 4,000 sq m, with an overall capacity of 1,300 people.

Its privileged location and its charming spaces, reflecting a perfect dialogue between historical architecture and contemporaneity, are the key factors making it a unicum in the fair & congress world.

Every year, the company boasts a portfolio of important events – some of which are leading events for men’s fashion and high quality crafts- as well as important local and international conventions and congresses, mainly focusing on medical-scientific subjects and on the IT sector.
Firenze Fiera also features a Development Department, as well as a Press & Communication Office, actively supporting the organisers of events, fair and congresses.


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