2018 Gardens in Italy

The Italian Garden Guide 2018


A pocket guide to discover more than 130 among most beautiful gardens created in Italy with beautiful photos!

The Italian Garden Guide is a bilingual guide (Italian and English languages) to discover the most beautiful gardens created in Italy.

Inside the guide you can find updated informations on opening hours and services offered by 130 gardens of the network Grandi Giardini Italiani, that is present in 14 regions of Italy, in addition to Vatican State, Switzerland and Malta.

The Italian Garden Guide 2018 is enriched by more than 250 beautiful photos of gardens and from the section dedicated to ”Designers, creators, and plantsmen at Italy’s top gardens”. Their biographies and works reveals the full richness of the history of the art of gardens over the centuries, and casts a little light on the mistery of the beauty of every

A fascinating journey through history, art and nature in a pocket guide!

The Italian Garden Guide
Pag. 288 + color images

Publisher Grandi Giardini Italiani
Language Italian and English
Edition February, 2018
Size 13×21 cm
ISBN Code: 978-88-909861-7-8
Price € 14,00

The Italian Garden Guide can be purchased with payment by bank transfer of euro 14,00, the beneficiary Grandi Giardini Italiani, Intesa San Paolo

IBAN: IT 71 H 07601 10900 001036565974

The guide is now also available on the Amazon e-commerce portal. To purchase your copy click here.



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