Things I’ve learned

…in the past 18 or so months.  As anybody who reads my blog knows, it is not a how-to blog.  There are many expats living in Italy who blog about the ins and outs of living here.  I usually avoid the subject, but I’m in the process of moving from what is called a transitory lease to a long-term lease, which could involve a stay of up to 8 years or longer.

To say it has been a learning process would be like saying a a flower seed will grow a flower.  It can happen, but it might not depending on infinite variables. I’m not sure that is a good example, but my brain is currently cooked.

So, it set me to thinking about the many small things that go on here, such as waiting in line this morning to buy your milk, eggs and bread (which you thought would be a quick trip, but it isn’t because there are 10+ people in line before you. You have the luck to be behind an older signora who has 2x the normal amount of shopping in her cart and she keeps dropping pieces of paper that she can’t bend over far enough to retrieve and so you have to do it):



Or the fact that you thought your were covered for the furniture delivery that was set up for this morning.  The doorman works during the hours you planned the delivery and he knew about the delivery and so you didn’t worry.

That is, until you got several angry phone calls in Italian from the delivery man who couldn’t get into the building.  So you sent an SOS text to the landlord who you happened to know was in your apartment at that moment.  The delivery man got in, in the end, and you received this text from the landlord:


There are more, many more, and I may be writing about them soon.  But right now I am taking some Advil and taking a nap in my old short-term but beautiful apartment. :-)


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