Small signs warning graffiti creators not to paint anything appear on many exterior walls in Florence.  Typically, the creators seem to obey the signs.  But, right on a major Lungarno street (street along the Arno river), someone could not help themselves and painted–in a beautiful graphic style, I might add–words that both support immigrants and denounces Fascism.

Immigration is a huge issue in Italy.  A week or so ago an immigrant was shot dead on the street that I walk on at least weekly and sometimes several times a week.  I happened to be walking down this street shortly after the murder.  Carabinieri and police were everywhere.  I didn’t find out until later that a man in his 60s was planning to commit suicide, but lacked the nerve, so he walked outside and shot the first person he saw.  At least that’s what I read.

There was a march last Sunday in support of immigrants.  It is such a sad story, all these displaced people from the middle east and northern Africa, whose lives are ripped apart by endless civil wars.

Despite the fact that this graffiti is forbidden, I can’t help but admire the creator who felt compelled to state his/her support for the downtrodden.  And, in such a beautiful style.



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