Decisions, decisions

We all know that Easter is coming.  When I was a little girl, Easter was fun because it happened in spring–which meant that the long ghastly winter was on the wane–and usually involved a great new fluffy pastel dress and matching shoes.  Sometimes even a hat (or a bonnet?) and gloves were involved.  One year I got pale blue patent leather shoes and I loved them so much, I can still remember them!

At this point in life, Easter doesn’t mean much to me.  No holiday does, for that matter.  Ennui, I suppose.

But Easter is a Really Big Deal in Italy.  Really Big.

I came home one day recently to find this notice on the door of my building.  It tells me that tomorrow, on Tuesday, 20 February, between 4 and 8 p.m., the parish priest will come to my building to give the blessing to anyone who wants to receive it, in advance of Pasquale.


I mean really, the priest comes to my apartment to bless me?  I would love to be a party to that!

I may or may not be able to be home for this blessing.  I have already rsvp-ed to an invitation to visit Michelangelo’s tomb in Santa Croce with the art restorer who recently finished cleaning the monument and I would hate to miss it.  But, I also hate to miss the blessing.

Decisions, decisions! And both are such exquisite offerings only to be found here, in Florence!

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