I came for the actors, stayed for the costumes, and was appalled by the story.



Somehow, when the film Dangerous Liaisons came out in 1988, I missed it.  That was a busy year for me, and so were the ones preceding and following, so I understand how it happened, but I’m glad to finally catch up today.  I didn’t even know I didn’t even know!


I’d missed it all these years, not even knowing that 3 women powerhouses Uma Thurman, Glenn Close, and Michelle Pfeiffer, appeared together in this gorgeously produced movie. John Malkovich is in it too, of course, but it is the women who run this show.


Watching the film is like entering a painting by François Boucher.  It is lavish and ravishing. As I watched the story unfold, I felt, like the aunt in the film says, “that it is remarkable how little things change.”


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