To fly like the god Mercury

Jupiter,  the king of all the gods, had a son named Mercury. Mercury had many talents: above all he could fly faster than most of the other gods, partly because of his winged sandals.  He therefore became the messenger of the gods.



Mercury was also very trustworthy and playful enough to be interesting. He was bright and very loyal and also the best negotiator in the world. He was always cracking deals to get himself and others out of trouble.

All that is fine and dandy and, if you are lucky enough to be in Florence this fall, you might be inspired to emulate at least the winged heels of Mercury yourself.  It would be easy enough to do, for feathered shoes are easy to find right now!




Who knows, may be you can fly if you wear these pretty things.  It seems to me they’d be better in the sky than on the earth! But, that’s just me!

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