Autogrill shopping trips

It is well documented that I love spending time (and money!) in Italian grocery stores.  No doubt about it.

But, you should see the Autogrills!  Auto grills are the amazing coffee bars, cafeterias, and, of course, gas pumps, that are situated along the autostrade in Italy.  I never, ever miss the opportunity to wander through one of these amazing places, not ever!

Last night I was returning to Florence from a trip to the Verona area, and stopped at an autogrill that was almost unbelievable (in its greatness.)  It was late and I was tired and so, unfortunately, I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally would have.

But, I did snap a couple of pics.  The following one shows the “honey section” of the autogrill.  The autogrill has a honey section!!  A big one!!




You can click on the “watch on Facebook” words below to see the vanilla gelato machine, in the autogrill!, at work.  It was one of only 8 flavors available, of freshly made ice cream late on a Sunday evening.  What the hey?  Too cool for school.


I can’t wait to get back to another autogrill!

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