Market update

I must be very easily entertained.  I can go to an Italian supermarket and spend hours rambling around.  I usually restrain myself not only because I know very well I will have to carry whatever I buy home with my two little arms and hands, but also because supermarkets are crowded, noisy and currently very hot affairs.  I get pretty sick of bumping into other people, literally.  In the winter, I go a little crazier with my time.

So, what’s new at the market?

A lot!

Today I spotted this dried oregano from Sicily.



I hung it in my kitchen and now the room smells divine!  Fresh dried herbs!  Chi sa?


In the bakery department, this delectable caught my eye for lunch.  It came home with me, but won’t be here long!   Arugula and cherry tomatoes and pizza base.  Perche’ no!


And for those of you who wonder the costs of buying food here: this chunk of pizza cost 1.19 Euro. See:



The fruits and veg are bursting the seams of the market.  For less than 3 Euro I got this large package of apricots.



Pretty, huh?  As pretty to look at as any bouquet, at least in my mind.  Secondome.




For a real wow moment, check out these pepperoni.  That’s what peppers are called.  (Italians think American pepperoni pizza is made with these, not salami.)



This large package of 3 huge peppers cost 2.66 Euro.  Amazing!



With the package open, you can see the size of these things!  This is an average size table knife for contrast.



And last, for today, are the round zucchini.  Isn’t it cute?



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