On my way home.

Today was a perfect Florentine day.  We had a refreshing wind that blew through town yesterday and cooled everything off.

I had a super afternoon today, which I’ll post about later.  Suffice it to say for now that I went to see an Italian film on Michelangelo at one of the prettiest theaters in the world, a blessed holdover from the golden age of cinema, and then I went to an exhibition of (need I say, modern) video art in a Renaissance palazzo.  How could you have a better afternoon than enjoying these contrasts and artworks?  Impossible for me to imagine.

So, happily strolling home in the mid-evening, I encountered this great Clet sign.



I walked by the koi made out of luggage materials.  I would think it’s a perfect draw for all the Asian tourists who bought too many souvenirs and need a new suitcase to get it all home.




I walked by Moschino boutique and am happy to see fall fashions on display.  It assures me that cooler weather will happen again.  I am a window shopper only.  I could never/would never buy clothes of this price!



I walked by the Dolce and Gabbana children’s shop, and had to admire the way they tell us that they are cleaning, rearranging, tidying up.




I couldn’t help admiring the medieval street I just strolled through, thinking to myself what a perfect specimen of old/new.  How lucky I feel to be here.



I turned onto my street, a route which takes me by this cool shoe shop.  Cool fall flats on display.  Another sign that nicer weather will eventually return!



I ambled by the high-end textile store that always has the most gorgeous bolts of fabric on display.  I always stop to admire and it reminds me of happy days with my mother, when I was a bambino.  She taught me to appreciate the finer things.



And last, but certainly not least, by my favorite hardware/perfume shop.  I mean, really, where else but Florence can you find that particular combination???





I’ll stop in again and get some pictures of the interior.  It is a bazaar, filled with things you never knew you needed.  But, you do!

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