A new red!

I’m barely literate when it comes to wine, so take this with a grain of…grapes.  But last Sunday I had the great pleasure of taking an al fresco yoga class at an aguritismo in Chianti.

This being Italy, after yoga we shared a beautiful aperitivo (wine and snacks).  I was drawn like a magnet to this beautiful young red wine, which is best served chilled!!  Who knew!!

Which is nice, because I don’t know if you know this, but Italy is very warm. As in hot.  Non mi piace! And a bracing, chilled red is mighty nice after a yoga session, after which one is molto relassato!

I managed to come home with a couple of bottles!  Woo hoo!



I’m planning to return to this farm in the fall to help harvest grapes and olives to make wine and oil.  I’m told they stomp grapes as in I Love Lucy!!






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