Italy: you are impossible! But, I love you!



It’s a lucky damn thing I love Italy so much, or else I’d have to leave!!

Where else can you que up to buy a metro ticket from the ticket machine in the metro station and enter all the info needed to purchase several tickets at once, then insert your 20 Euro bill, only to have it rejected.  So you try your other 20 Euro bill, because you guess maybe something is wrong with the first one.  Only the 2nd one is rejected also.

Running out of options, you try your Visa card, since there is a slot on the ticket machine where you can chose the option to pay by credit card.  Only it doesn’t accept your card.

So, you notice that the machine says you can use 5, 10, 20 and even 50 Euro bills, so you try your only other bill, which is a 50 Euro.  Nope, it is also rejected.

You dig in the bottom of your bag and find enough coins to buy a 1.50 Euro ticket and thank your lucky stars you had that much change with you.

Later, coming home, using another metro stop and another ticket machine, you try again.  Same scenario.  Only this time some cute teenage boys are in line behind you and in exasperation, you turn to them and say in Italian, “how does this work??!!!”  They tell you it the machine only accepts 5 Euro bills or change.  Even though it says it will take 10, 20 and 50 Euro bills.  When you point that out to the boys, they just laugh and shrug their shoulders.  We’re in Italy!

And then there was the experience this morning at the pharmacy.  You get your prescriptions filled with your signed sheet from your doctor, and are ready to check out. You pull out your credit card to buy the medicines only to be told, “no, the internet is not working today” so you must pay with cash today.  Luckily, you have enough cash.
Italy is not convenient.

But I still love this place!


How could I not?

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