Keeping it real: 1 Aprile 2017

No pictures today.  Just real text.

Lately, what I’ve noticed about life, is this:


The Good: The Palazzo Medici Garden is open almost daily to passersby.  I love strolling through this small but splendid garden almost daily.  I like watching the ancient wisteria that has been severely pruned over the years attempt to put on its annual show.  It’s rather sparse this year, compared to other wisteria vines in other parts of Florence.

But the opportunity to walk in the garden where the Medici walked.  Astounding.

The Bad: Going to school to study Italian language in Florence has its ups and downs.  The school is good, no issue there.  But the numbers of young people from many parts of the world is a bit overwhelming, and so many of the students are so immature and dare I say it, superficial, that it gives me a headache.  And then, when I am lucky enough to spot a person in school I can commune with, they leave.  It is very transient.

The Ugly: The warmer spring weather has brought the tourists back to Florence in flocks. They can be seen in all of the historic parts of the center.  I laugh when I see the tourists dressed in clothing that could only have been designed for a safari.  Sometimes they carry walking sticks (I saw a woman with two yesterday) as if they were hiking the Alps rather than touring a civilized cultural European capital!

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