Need a “pick me up?”

Sugar and caffeine to the rescue!


Without a doubt, tiramisù is the spoon-eaten dessert most-loved by the Italians. For this reason, many different regions claim to have invented it, each one with its one legend to back it up.

Even if this creamy dessert probably derives from some traditional recipes that were modified over time, one of the most widespread legends suggests that a primitive version of this dessert was created at the end of the 17th century in Siena. According to the same story, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo II de’ Medici, was in town for a couple of days to attend the city’s famous horse race, the Palio.

To honor his presence, the pastry chefs of Siena got together to invent a new dessert using the most decadent ingredients for the grand duke was known to be a real food lover. The dessert, which in honor of Cosimo II was called the “soup of the dike,” was a huge success among the Florentine nobles that they decided to introduce it to the court, a sort of nursery of intellectuals and artists, who in turn helps to spread the dessert throughout the rest of Italy.

Tiramisù finally reached Venice where, according to the legend, it was considered a powerful aphrodisiac by the courtesans. It was here in the city of Giacomo Casanova that the dessert was given its current name, which means “pick me up” in English.

Want to make it?  Here’s how!

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