Un mazzo di fiori

Un mazzo di fiori = a bouquet, in English (borrowed from the French).



There’s a tiny flower shop on one end of Vasari’s Loggia dei Pesce, which used to be in the area of present-day Piazza Republica but was moved and reassembled in its current location in the Piazza dei Ciompi in 1956.

In the photo below, you can see the diminutive Loggia and at the very end, the small kiosk flower shop.


The flower shop looks like this from the front:


I love this little shop.  I walk by it at least once a week and I never go by without stopping to admire, and sometimes to buy, some of the beautiful flowers and horticultural wonders.  I currently have several forced hyacinth bulbs blooming in my apartment.  They were purchased last week at the shop.


Here you will find fresh-cut ranunculus, roses, the prettiest shades of tulips, as well as cyclamens and trellised plants of winter berries.


Carnations as well.  Lots of sprays of grasses and even some tropical leaves.  It’s a tiny place, but a lot of wonderful things are packed in!

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