Santa Felicita and Pontormo

To my utter amazement and delight, I am living directly across the Ponte Vecchio from the lovely church known as Santa Felicita.  It is my church, if I am ever moved to go to mass (unlikely).  I tend towards atheism.

But that doesn’t stop me from entering this fine church, especially to admire the Pontormo Deposition.  I love this painting, as well as the frescoes in the same chapel.



It is especially fun to visit churches in Italy after Christmas, because the Nativity scenes will now include the figure of the baby Jesus.  His figure is not added until Christmas eve.

Look closely in the Nativity below, for there in the center is the baby.  Santa Felicita’s Nativity scene is quite small.



I also really like the way the church is decorated outside with Christmas stuff.  I didn’t expect to see Christmas trees at churches.


So, there you have it, for Christmas of 2016 at Santa Felicita.

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