Random walks in Florence

Out walking the streets today, I happened upon many interesting views.  I share them here in no particular order.



In the historic center I walked by this fascinating palazzo.  I love the sculpture on the facade.  Very unusual.




Walked by this coffee shop (called a bar here), and made note of the fact that they have fresh, hot donuts everyday at 17:00, or 5 p.m.  Odd time to have hot donuts, it seems to me!  See the sign that says “Bomboloni” in the lower left.  That’s the clue!




I’m tasting all the unusual soda flavors that Italians love.  Every supermarket I enter has an interesting array.  This was today’s foraging.  So far, I like the Freeda Lemon Soda the best.



The street artists are always at work.  These two are not your average theme!

  1.  Santa Claus, American Style




2. Italian saint, but with Santa’s hat.


Hope your day was merry and bright as well!  Buon natale!




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