Please don’t hate me, but…

I had lunch outside today.



It was 60 degrees F in Florence!

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the city is decked out for the holidays and a friend and I decided to lunch at Cibreo Caffè .  I’ve been wanting to try this famous restaurant and I’m glad I had the chance today.


To sit outside, having lunch in the sun, on December 12.  Will wonders never cease?!

I did keep my coat on during lunch, but I probably didn’t need to really.


These aren’t my pictures, but I borrowed some from the web for illustrations.

To be completely honest, I didn’t love the food.  It was first quality and beautifully prepared and presented.   I know Cibreo has a great reputation, but I like the old classics better than the updated menus that are now found all over town.  I guess I’m quite old-fashioned!

For example, one of the suite of appetizers they shared with us was a scoop of fresh sausage, crudo.  In other words, a scoop of sausage meat uncooked.  My friend said it was good spread on Tuscan bread, but I just took his word for it. :-)

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