On any given day in Firenze…

It is sweet for me to end the day by stopping by my local grocery and choosing something wonderful to make for dinner at home.  There I sip a glass of chianti and gaze across the Arno at the Uffizi.  With white and red candles lit around my home, it a lovely way to spend an evening.

Last night I found this amazing confection in the fresh pasta department:


Fresh pasta shaped like candy!




Filled with spinach and ricotta.


The package describes the pasta as “pasta fresca all’uovo con ripieno e caramelle fatte a mano con ricotta e spinace.”  In English: “fresh egg pasta, handmade in the shape of a candy with a filling of ricotta and spinach.”  Delicious!


I also purchased a container of sugo con carne, red sauce with minced beef, and came home and had a beautiful dinner in less than 10 minutes.  I doctored the sugo up with some tomato sauce, red wine, and a few herbs.  I can’t resist playing with my food.

For dessert, I enjoyed the local clementines.   A perfect meal!




And wait, there’s more: While that was already the perfect day, a few hours later I bundled up and walked to a new yoga studio for a late evening class.  On my way home, I bumped into a classmate from school.

Perfection!  I love that I can be a yoga 10 minutes after leaving my apartment!

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