The Christmas season begins in Florence!

Every Thursday in the arcade of the Piazza della Republica, a flower market pops up for the day.  Today it was filled with Christmas greens and berries.


I love the contrast of the time worn, massive, permanent architectural stonework with the ephemeral, bright beauty of the ilex berries!


There were branches of variegated holly available, as well as all the red/pink/fushia tones of cyclamen.



There were magnolia branches painted gold and silver.



There were hellebores in bloom, as well as heather.



And there were lovely fresh greens wreaths, some plain, some decorated.



For those people who are not in the mood for Christmas, there were roses.




And there was a hearty woman who kept track of it all.


It was a sight to behold!

2 thoughts on “The Christmas season begins in Florence!

  1. Prima, quando ancora mi muovevo con facilità, andavo tutti i giovedì al mercato delle piante di piazza della Repubblica… amo tanto le piante grasse e c’era (spero ci sia sempre) un banco che ne aveva di tutte le misure, dalle più note alle più rare, dei veri capolavori!
    Mi è venuta voglia di fare una scappatina….chissà se ci riesco!
    Intanto mi godo la bellezza delle tue foto!

    • You are right! There were all kinds of succulents available today as well. I happen to come from a very dry region of the USA and succulents are easy for me to pass by, although the one at the Piazza were many and of all varieties! I am so happy that you enjoy my pictures. I love having the opportunity to walk through Florence taking pictures!

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