Home, right now.

Here’s where I live right now in Florence.  In this stately building on the Lungarno Torrigani.  My apartment (which is as big as my house in Denver) is the top 3 large windows on the left side of the building.  I’m officially on the 3rd floor.


This is my view.  I look directly across the Arno at the Uffizi:


Here’s looking out my 2nd bedroom window at the Uffizi.  The tower belongs to the Palazzo Vecchio.  Crazy view!  Almost completely unbelievable to me!


Here’s my bedroom.  I can lie in bed and gaze at the Uffizi, visualizing my favorite paintings.


I’m happy to be living here for a month.  I’ve already found my next place and it is to die for!  I’ll be there for Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday!

6 thoughts on “Home, right now.

  1. My word. You know how (and where) to live. You probably can see the Lungarno Hotel across the Arno where we stayed years ago. Cheers. I know you are making the very best of every minute. XX Pam PS Keep sending photos.


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