Keeping it real.

Moving abroad, no matter to how wonderful a place, takes adjustment.  I’m adjusting.  This morning when the alarm went off at 7 a.m. to rise for school, I felt like a dead person and my apartment was cold. I wanted to pull up the duvet, roll over, and go back to the dream I was having. After all,  it was 11 p.m. my time and I was getting up to start my day learning a new language.  Well, not entirely new, but still.

I’ve gone from a bucolic suburban setting with a car to drive for errands to urban living as a pedestrian.  As I write this, the workers 3 floors down on the pavement below are drilling the cobblestone street to repair something below grade.  It’s noisy and my nerves are stretched very thin. Everything is new.  Walking to the street corner takes concentration since I live on a steep narrow hill, which I love, but it takes focus not to step in front of a bicycle or Vespa.


But, I’m still glad I’m here. :-))

On the brighter side of the ledger:  I survived the first day of class, even though my brain was not operating.  Also, I had a cappuccino at the cafe at the Opera del Duomo and, although the Opera houses masterpieces of Gothic and Renaissance sculpture, I had a superb modern coffee in a terrifically trendy place.  Loved it!


This shows the cafe from outside; I stood at bar and drank the liquid caffeinated bliss!  Tres chic!

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