W is for Warhol

Back to the alphabet in art.

Andy Warhol. Marilyn Monroe. Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Pop Art. Celebrity.




Here’s a picture of Warhol:  life is art.


I once had an Andy Warhol siting in Manhattan in the 1980s.  I was at Christie’s, the famous art auctioneers, on Park Avenue, and Andy was there too.  We were both looking at the current offerings (i.e. the next bunch of paintings for sale) and, once I saw him, I stopped looking at the art on the walls and looked instead at Andy.  He was so “put together” as his easily noticed persona as art god, that I followed him from section to section, never taking my eyes off of him unless he seemed to notice me.  Which he mostly didn’t.  And, when he did, he just thought I was one of the usual culture vultures.  At least, I assume that was his assumption.

It was very, very cool, and I am pretty sure I didn’t freak him out. I know how to stalk someone surreptitiously. It’s just a skill I have developed over time.

Never forget that it was Mr. Warhol that first coined the term “15 minutes of fame.”

Happy 4th of July!  Be famous for 15 minutes if you can!

P.S.  If it is hot where you are, try watching Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. It will cool you off and make you smile.  Not bad for an old movie!

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