Sahara Desert, Morocco.

Exactly two years ago I was traveling through Morocco. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. I am in the center of the picture, wearing a the brown turban, being helped up the steep hill of sand by one of the camel drivers.  You can see our camels resting on the left side, about mid-way up.


This was one third of our caravan.  We went to the top of this ridge and watched the sun set.  It was a truly awesome experience, as in the real meaning of the word awesome.


Love the contrast of high and low here as this woman caretaker sits in watch on a plastic chair, inside a typical–if palatial–Moroccan courtyard.


On the opposite side of the courtyard was the entrance to a mosque.  A bunch of men were inside, having left their shoes out in the hallway.  Non-Muslims are not allowed inside.  No women, Muslim or not, are allowed inside either :-(  Not fair.


Henna tattoo artists are everywhere and for a few bucks they will give you a temporary tattoo in a floral design. The henna comes out of a tube and has the consistency of icing in a bag.  You let it dry for about an hour, then wash the paste off and you are left with a great tattoo that lasts about a week.  I had one done on my hand and my ankle.  Loved them!

DSCN0392 Pretty cool!




I mean really what is more beautiful than the tilework and lanterns in this courtyard?


I mean really!  These lanterns at dusk were so beautiful.


The interior of a typical spice shop.  Is this what Columbus was looking for in 1492?  Think so, though technically he was looking for India not Morocco.  But, these are the items he wanted!


This is a breakfast buffet.  Unbelievably beautiful!

Ciao for now! More Moroccan pix coming soon.

Sahara Desert, Morocco.

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