The green lungs of Milan

First, in traditional architecture:


Then, a modern adaptation:



I was told that the tall narrow apparatus that looks like a crane, on the top of both sections of the high rise, is actually a part of the irrigation system that keeps all this plant material alive.


Apparently the first high rise has been quite successful, for as you can see, a second high rise is going up nearby.


Galleria Vittorio Emauele, Milano

When I was in Milano at Christmas, I saw this beautiful galleria decked to the 9s.  It was a bit less hectic today, and, even without the Christmas finery, this early shopping mall is still a sight to behold.  I enjoyed it from inside and underneath the glass ceiling, but then I went hunting for a way to get outside and on top of the galleria.  Do you think I found a way?



If you said “no,” then you don’t know me very well!  I have the will and I find the way!



So, here it is from the outside, above the rooftop.